Life through Instagram lately.

A simple but full filling life.

Life lately….
Kaleb started school.
My mom turned 50.
We are waiting for a couple babies to grace us with their blessed presence.
And trying to stay cool, this has been the hottest two weeks the whole summer.

We went to the beach again this Monday and I have to say it keeps getting better and better.
Kaleb found a sea slug while swimming and we watched it for a while and it was amazing. Sea life is so fascinating.

Sunday funday.

Our first trip to the beach in 2 years. It was fun, exhausting and the sand was so hot the bottoms of my feet are raw…. Maybe we’ll go more often this summer.  : )

Our Memorial Day Weekend.

Sunday we had a birthday party and a BBQ and Monday we went to see my dad at Sports at the beach where he umpires and they have a little petting zoo/play area where Kaleb had a blast. Our unofficial start to summer was an awesome 2 jam packed days!

Life lately has been consumed with t-ball practice, Easter crafts and work/school.

It’s been a while. Life lately.

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Sunday Funday!

Iron man relaxing on the steps…. Boys!

Iron man relaxing on the steps…. Boys!