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Life lately has been consumed with t-ball practice, Easter crafts and work/school.

It’s been a while. Life lately.

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Sunday Funday!

Iron man relaxing on the steps…. Boys!

Pumpkin patch visit a couple weeks ago. 🎃

Life as of lately.

I have been horribly neglecting my blog, but here are some Halloween pictures to try and make up for it… Did it help any?

Our Sunday Funday!
*french toast breakfast
*washed the car
*played blocks
*checked out our sunflower 🌻
*made an Eagles hat
*enjoyed the beautiful day we had

Off to school they go. 📚🔆📝

Throwback Thursday. 2011.

Mindy. and. Kaleb. Crazy. Mommy &&. Son. combo. Living the life. Just the two of us.

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